Our school is focused on nurturing earnest and moral students full of vitality.

Kansai Ohkura’s educational environment is among the foremost in the Kansai region, with a history stretching back over 110 years. Since our founding, we have maintained our approach of ensuring mental and physical health, boosting individuality, emphasizing morality, and providing a well-rounded physical and intellectual education to nurture honest, motivated and upstanding students.
In the natural beauty of the mountains surrounding our campus, we strive to promote student development in both body and mind.

Educational Goals

  1. 1. To encourage student individuality and provide opportunities for talent to flourish. To promote physical health and knowledge.
  2. 2. To raise students who are able to think and take responsibility for themselves.
  3. 3. To encourage the development of refined character among students.
  4. 4. To educate students to transcend language, gender, and racial boundaries, to respect the rights of others, and to promote peace in the world.
  5. 5. To encourage an intimacy with nature, and to educate in a way that emphasizes the importance of living together with nature.